Bathurst/Hill End

The Golden Region: Bathurst/Hill End

The Golden Bathurst is one of Australia’s oldest inland cities and one of the most popular excursion venues for Primary Schools. Bathurst is home to the famous gold panning and the raising of sheep, cattle and horses which was introduced by the earliest European settlers. This is still practised in Bathurst. Popular attractions at Bathurst have experience in developing and delivering exciting, hands-on and interactive activities that are closely linked to the school syllabus and allow students to truly step back in time and experience the gold rush era.

Some useful statistics on Bathurst:

Distance from Sydney

By Road 207 km approximately 3 hours
By Rail 239 km approximately 3 ½ hours
By Air 144 km approximately 40 mins

Average Temperatures

Summer (Min) 12.7 degrees
Winter (Max) 12 degrees
Winter (Min) 1 degree